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Easy Selection

Target Object selection with production of a purchase ticket
Payment coins and/or banknotes
Issue of a ticket plus receipt and if necessary change

Kassenautomat, Bezahlautomat, Bezahlsystemautomat

The application "Easy Selection" with its user oriented interface enables the collation of a "shopping list" [goods basket] by simply clicking on the objects. The selection of several objects is possible at any time; the total amount to be paid is then displayed.

The payment can be made with coins and/or banknotes. The customer receives a ticket representing the selected objects, their quantity, as well as the total amount, if necessary with corresponding VAT receipt is issued. This ticket can then be exchanged against the purchased goods. Parallel to the ticket the customer also receives a receipt stating the amount paid. Should the machine be unable to pay out cash, a credit voucher will be printed.

The "Easy Selection" application runs on a modern computer system under Linux. This hard disk free Linux version is characterized by its high level of operational reliability – no viruses, disk crashes, etc.

The designation of objects to be selected and the prices of these objects can be changed at any time via an editable XML-file.

For the purpose of accounting one can invoke a dedicated desktop. The statistics of machine and sales objects can be printed out with the integrated printer. At the same time the sales statistic is saved on a USB data carrier.

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