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GeWeTe 25th anniversary

Anniversary celebration with 400 guests at Phantasialand

Aristidis TsikourasGeWeTe managing directors Aristidis Tsikouras (left) and Dr Jörg Bewersdorff (2nd from left) were presented with a special commemorative plaque.Armin GauselmanniPad wizard Simon PierroCologne cult band „Bläck Fööss“Around 400 guests celebrated the 25th anniversary of GeWeTe.

Mechernich. Around 400 guests, including the entire staff, numerous customers from all over the world and almost the entire Management Board of Gauselmann AG, celebrated the 25th anniversary of GeWeTe Geldwechsel- und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH based in Mechernich near Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany) at the end of June. In the afternoon, numerous customers also took the opportunity to visit the Mechernich plant. The proud anniversary was celebrated in the ‘Phantasialand’ adventure park in Brühl. 

Since its foundation on 1 January 1993, GeWeTe has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group in Eastern Westphalia (NRW/Germany). With more than 60,000 systems installed worldwide and a product portfolio unique in the industry, GeWeTe is the leading provider of cash handling systems. Since 1993, GeWeTe has been developing, producing and selling money changing systems, pay stations and ticket vending machines for the national and international market at its Mechernich location. Around 120 employees work at the Mechernich production and development site, 15 more are employed in the GeWeTe branches in the UK, Spain and Italy. 

In his welcome speech, Managing Director Aristidis Tsikouras in particular thanked the attending Management Board of Gauselmann AG, with Armin Gauselmann representing the entrepreneurial family, as well as the dedicated staff for their trust-based and successful collaboration. GeWeTe’s second Managing Director, Dr Jörg Bewersdorff, emphasised the longevity and technical quality of the GeWeTe products in his speech. In return, the management duo not only received heartfelt applause from the employees, but also a special commemorative plaque as a gift.  

On behalf of his father, Armin Gauselmann held the keynote speech of the evening. He praised the countless innovations that have emerged from the GeWeTe think tank to date and which have in the meantime alsogained importance internationally. With its comprehensive expertise as a cash handling specialist, GeWeTe is able to respond to a wide variety of challenges with impressive inventions, such as the CarWash vending machine model for car washes, an automated pay station for butchers and bakeries, automated pay stations for public facilities such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, canteens, swimming pools, wellness centres and much more. Armin Gauselmann also emphasised that such achievements can only be mastered with a great team and thanked the employees on behalf of the entrepreneurial family for their unswerving commitment, in some cases lasting decades. 

iPad wizard Simon Pierro, who charmingly and effectively brought digital image worlds to life, provided a truly entertaining evening programme. When the Cologne cult band Bläck Fööss performed, almost everyone was up on their feet. With legendary songs such as “Drink doch eine met” or “Bye my love”, Bläck Fööss sent the crowd into raptures and crowned the GeWeTe anniversary celebration an all-round successful event. 


Interview with Aristidis Tsikouras for Casino Life Magazine (August 2018) by JJ Woods (for article in original click here):

Clearly a lot of organisation went into organising this important occasion in the history of GeWeTe. Please give us an overview.
The management team took the decision at the end of 2017 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of GeWeTe in style. We then actually began with the initial preparations back in January of this year. We wanted to take this opportunity to bring together all the people who have made GeWeTe the company it is today. This was very important to us - to have this chance to say a big thank-you to them all - so we chose to invite our customers, our entire staff and indeed our key suppliers. Nearly all the members of the Gauselmann Board joined us on our special day that personally meant a great deal to me - as it shows yet again how important GeWeTe is within the Gauselmann Group. We are responsible for the entire redemption terminal and change machine market in the group - including for casinos.

What stays in your memory from this celebration?

Simply everything. Everything was perfect. The weather was fantastic, the location was wonderful - at Phantasialand near Cologne. The event room was just right and we all enjoyed excellent food and drink. The performance of the digital magician Simon Pierro was unbelievable -we were all astounded to see him pouring beer into a glass from an iPad! Having grown up in this region, it was great fun as well to listen to the Cologne band Black Fooss that sings in local dialect. Our guests could relax, dance and enjoy this local band. The last guests went home about 3 o'clock in the morning-so it shows how much fun was had.

This was a big occasion that was clearly very enjoyable for all.
That is very true. I received well over 100 messages the next days from guests thanking us and saying how much they enjoyed the evening. Furthermore, our guests enjoyed having the chance to look behind the scenes at our headquarters in Mechernich. We opened our factory doors throughout the day and conducted tours through the building which was much appreciated.

A big contributing reason for GeWeTe success over 25 years is down too its innovation in banknote and coin handling machine development along with reliability - a focus that we can expect will never change at the organisation. Does that mean we can expect further exciting developments in the years ahead? 

Our success does not only stem from our management team. Our success stems indeed from our entire team. Our employees are
our most important assets. Their knowledge, expertise, motivation and loyalty all go together to create a very special team that is dedicated on creating the best solutions of its kind in the market.
Innovation can thrive in such an atmosphere and at GeWeTe I can say it certainly does. I'd like to emphasize here that we will not be resting on our laurels. We will continue each and every working day to focus in bringing the most innovative, secure and enduring solutions around redemption and change machines. This combination ensures we continue to provide market-beating solutions that are the best value for money as well. A real win-winfor our customers.

Anything else you'd like to mention?
I'd like to conclude this interview by thanking everyone who made this event possible. My thanks go to all the team at Gauselmann and GeWeTe who organised this. They did a great job. And naturally to everyone who came and made this evening such a special one. We had over 400 guests in total.





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