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Preview BEGE 2018

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe

Mechernich. Due to the overwhelming customer response over the past two years, GeWeTe will again be taking part in this year’s Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. From 21 to 22 November, visitors to BEGE can look forward to an exclusive selection from the extensive product portfolio of the cash handling expert. 

“Since we have been receiving more and more enquiries from the Balkan region in recent years, we have adapted our systems to the requirements of installers and operators there. Thanks to our wide range of products and our own development, we can record a steady increase in sales in the Balkan region. We are therefore delighted to be presenting our innovations at BEGE again this year,” explains Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe. 

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2018, GeWeTe manufactures high-quality, secure and reliable cash handling solutions, with over 60,000 machines installed worldwide. We are a global player and our extensive range offers a solution for casinos, sports betting, AGCs, FECs and many more applications, making us one of the largest manufacturers of cash handling solutions and market leader in many countries around the world. 

With already one of the most extensive ranges of cash handling machines anywhere in the world, we have recently extended our range with the introduction of some new and exciting models using a Linux-based control system, which makes our systems more flexible and user friendly. Our PC-based technology enables us to offer cash and cashless solutions together with TITO, or as an additional feature to add at a later date as your business changes to meet market conditions. 

We are also working with partners to provide an electronic purse/membership system for various applications including bingo and sports betting and now connect to over 40 different sports betting system providers and all major casino management system providers globally. The introduction and popularity of contactless and Chip & Pin transactions via debit and credit cards has now become a part of our lives and GeWeTe has evolved to incorporate the facility to handle card transactions. 

One main advantage of the GeWeTe range is the ability to have a multifunctional cash handling solution in one secure cabinet; not only do our machines provide a standard cash in, cash out service, they can also be a redemption system, staff cash float dispenser and deposit system. The security of our cabinets is among the best in the market and with the volume of cash increasing in change machines this has to be a major point to consider when purchasing such equipment. 

GeWeTe has not only extended the range of models but also revampted its website, which now gives readers full details of every model and up-to-date company news


All GeWeTe change machines have as standard: 

• 100% developed and manufactured by GeWeTe – proven ‘made in Germany’ technology 

• PC-based – high-tech control system with a wide range of functions 

• Secure – ultra-strong housing 

• Remote dial-in access – for real-time data collection and/or maintenance 






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