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 EasySelection EasyPay Kassenautomat, Bezahlautomat, Bezahlsystemautomat
Automated pay station, vending machine or ticket machine - the right application for each machine

The application "Easy Selection“ enables a user-oriented Touchscreen by simply clicking on the objects and adding to a "Shopping cart". The selection of several objects is possible at any time; the total amount to be paid is indicated and can be paid with cash and Debit-/Credit Card. The customer receives a receipt for on which the purchase of the objects (goods or service) is indicated.

The application "Easy Pay“ makes it possible to scan a bar code at the machine, which has previously been issued by a manned cash system. The amount to be paid is displayed on the machine and can be settled with a cash and Debit-/Credit Card. After payment, the machine prints receipt, which is delivered to the personnel.
The above applications are available for all machine models.



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